About the Hosts

Shauna Harrison

Shauna is a freelance photographer and writer with a background in marketing and communications. Her full-time gig is working in public relations where she spends most her time framing and telling people’s stories.

Shauna is a Bibliophile, Math geek, Nerdfighter, and Ravenclaw. She is currently working on her first book, a YA fantasy novel.

Shauna has guest-hosted on other podcasts including "Your Brain On Facts" and "The Beige and the Bold".

Shauna's personal Twitter handle is: @Writer_Shauna

Dan Pugh

Dan spent the first 20+ years of his career in public safety holding positions as a firefighter, paramedic, emergency manager, and disaster responder. He earned lots of letters after his name, which just make his business cards really long and obnoxious. After what seemed like a lifetime, Dan left his cushy 90 hour a week Director level government job to start his own consulting business focused on preparedness and public outreach.

Throughout Dan's career, he always had a hand in public outreach. This left Dan writing scores of education materials, business documents, and short stories to help people connect to preparedness efforts. Now, Dan writes more fanciful stories - and still some preparedness outreach stuff.

Dan also produces and co-hosts The Readiness Corner podcast which talks preparedness, board games, and nerdy culture. It has an irregular release schedule. You can find it on iTunes here, or on any of the major podcast sites.

Dan has guest-hosted on other podcasts including "State of Ready" and "Your Brain On Facts".

Dan's fandom labels include Nerdfighter, Gryffindor, and any labels you wish to ascribe to a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, and Stargate.

Dan's personal Twitter handle is: @ParagonOfDan