Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Episode 6: Call It A Day

This week Shauna and Dan give up and Call it A Day. Well, almost. They discover the origins of the word call, leading to the idiom that means things from big to small. They talk Davy Crockett, Mark Twain, and Howard Taft. Also how idioms can permeate even the strongest echo chambers like a semi-permeable membrane on a cell wall.

Episode 5: Raining Cats and Dogs

This week Shauna and Dan talk fact, myths, and legends surrounding Raining Cats and Dogs! Dan takes aim at flat-earthers while Shauna asserts that cats bring rain and dogs bring wind. Or maybe wolves. You'll learn how to pronounce Arkansas and El Dorado, plus discover why Kansans talk about the weather unironically.

Episode 4: Play It By Ear

This week Shauna and Dan discuss the phrase Play It By Ear. From it's roots as a metonymy to the improvisational skills of the Hardy Boys, this phrase goes lots of places. #BunnyTrails

Episode 3: Pushing Up The Daisies

This week Shauna and Dan discuss the macabre. No, not the parrot-like bird. Also not the monkey. Death! We jump head-long into Pushing Up Daisies.

Episode 2: Rain Check

This week Shauna and Dan look at the history of Rain Check, from a St Louis baseball term to a American phenomenon. Along the way they get too close to the conspiracy in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, talk about their own social awkwardness and anxiety, plus trace how the word check went from a persian word meaning King to the common word we use today!

Episode 1: Bunny Trails

This week Shauna and Dan talk about Bunny Trails. Dan gets lost as Shauna goes all smarty pants. Shauna talks Alice In Wonderland and the Matrix, while Dan goes Monty Python and classic rock. Join the fun as they explore the wonderful phrase: Bunny Trails!